Smart Padlock AX from Simons Voss is the ultimate Smart Electronic padlock that allows for key free access to gates, cabinets, and anything that you would put a normal key operated padlock on.

The Simons Voss Smart Padlock AX provides you with all of the features and benefits that Smart Locking Technology can offer in comparison to a traditional mechanical master key system whilst still providing a high level of security, low maintenance and industry leading reliability and battery life.

Traditional mechanical key systems provide very limited flexibility to changing requirements, the security can easily be compromised when a master key is lost and there is no event log of who gained access. With a Smart Locking System, a master fob can be removed from operation in a few simple steps in the PC software thus removing any security threat. The Smart Locking device records a detailed event log of the last 3000 locking activations and provides complete adaptability to your changing requirements, users access levels can be increased or decreased as and when you require it.

There are two different shackle sizes available with the Simons Voss Smart Padlock AX. The shackle is the rounded bar that locks and unlocks on the top of the padlock and with Smart Padlock AX the shackle can be supplied in an 8mm diameter and an 11mm diameter shackle. In terms of a higher level of security we would advise using the 11mm option where possible as the larger diameter shackle makes it more difficult to attack or cut the padlock.

The Smart Padlock AX can be supplied in either self locking or manual locking variants. The self-locking padlock can be unlocked by present the correct credential and rotating the knob, then to lock the padlock the user simply pushes down the shackle and it auto locks. The manual locking padlock is unlocked by presenting a correct credential, to lock the padlock you present the credential again and turn the knob to lock it.

  • Optimum data security: The SecureElement stores the encrypted system data and forms part of the new AX security architecture. This special chip is an integral part of authentication and cannot be read from the outside.
  • Drilling protection protects the actuator electronics and the cylinder profile.
  • Hardened lock body and shackle, protection class 4 as per EN 12320 (11 mm version)
  • All reader variants, whether active, passive or hybrid, can be integrated at any time and are supported by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.
  • Extremely long battery life with up to 12 years on stand-by.
  • Room for beauty: the Cylinder AX not only impresses with its appearance, but also thanks to its pleasant touch with ergonomic thumb-turns.
  • Greater ease of use thanks to visual and audible feedback signals.
  • German-made product manufactured to the highest standards and comes with a 2 year warranty.
  • A retaining chain is also available to prevent the padlock from being removed from the intended location or being dropped accidentally.

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