Verkada, initially an enterprise video security company, quickly identified a significant gap in the market: physical security devices often lacked effective communication with each other. Recognising this challenge, Verkada developed a comprehensive platform that integrates security cameras, access control, environmental sensors, alarms, and guest check-in systems into a single, user-friendly interface accessible from any device. Integrated Security is proud to be a specialist partner for Verkada in Ireland.

Verkada Command Solution

Their software solution, Command, empowers users to monitor and utilise various products for enhanced insights and reduced blind spots. Verkada’s hardware is designed for easy installation, securely transmitting data that is stored encrypted at rest. This approach allows organisations to scale their device fleet effortlessly according to their needs.

This innovative platform is transforming commercial spaces by making them safer and smarter. Investigators can review days of footage in minutes, employees can access gates without needing badges, and organisations can customise guest welcomes and respond to incidents proactively. Verkada’s commitment to privacy and safety through integrated solutions is setting a new standard in enterprise security.

Privacy & Security

At the core of Verkada’s offering is their dedication to protecting people and assets while respecting privacy. Their platform allows for all security devices to be managed seamlessly, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in security operations. The Command software provides a real-time view of the site, enabling users to associate footage with specific events and environmental changes.

Managing multiple sites is streamlined with Verkada’s intuitive interface. The cameras, equipped with advanced computer vision, allow users to search for motion, specific attributes, or vehicles by licence plate or type. This capability, combined with easy footage archiving and live stream sharing, significantly reduces response times during incidents.

Built-in Access Control

Access management is simplified, allowing control over doors, schedules, and user credentials without physical devices. Environmental sensors, paired with cameras, provide context in challenging areas, such as monitoring vaping in schools. The alarm system, integrated with any Verkada device, offers professional 24/7 monitoring, ensuring immediate video review and threat assessment when an alarm is triggered.

Verkada Guest enhances visitor management by providing a comprehensive log of visitor activity, including sign-in and sign-out times, host details, and signed documents. This feature supports a complete and efficient visitor management system.

Verkada’s integrated approach to security is redefining the industry, making spaces safer and smarter through cohesive and privacy-respecting solutions. By bridging the communication gap between different security devices, Verkada is setting a new benchmark in enterprise security, ensuring robust protection and streamlined management for organisations worldwide.

About Integrated Security

At Integrated Security we specialise in providing Smart Security Technology solutions to Credit Unions across Ireland helping them to become safer and more secure environments for both staff and members. If you have not received a copy of our Security Insights and Advice Manual tailored specifically to Credit Unions please email Killian on to have a copy sent to you.