Smart Master Key System

Think Smarter. Think Streamlined. Think Smart Master Key Systems.

  • Imagine the convenience of controlling access to all your sites centrally from head office.
  • Each employee can be issued with a single fob to allow them access all areas relevant to them.
  • Lost or stolen fobs are easily removed preventing any threat to security and a replacement one issued.
  • Alongside time restricted access rights and a detailed event log, the secured key fobs cannot be copied or cloned.

High Security Mechanical Locking Devices

Smart Master Key systems can provide unparalleled efficiency, functionality and security for large organizations with operations in more than one site such as Retail Chain stores and branch offices.


Adaptability is at the core of a Smart Master key system

Add or remove access levels to employees. Should an employee require additional access to certain sites on a permanent or temporary basis this can easily be completed in the software. Facilities and maintenance teams can be issued with a single fob to allow them access any site they are due to work in, ensuring that when your crews get to site they will have the access they require.


It’s all about security

Our smart locking system combined the strength and security of mechanical locks with the features and benefits of smart locking technology. Auto locking smart handles can be installed on doors to private areas such as cash offices. Areas that require additional security can be fitted with upgraded mechanicals locks incorporated into the overall smart master key system.


Traceability and accountability

Each and every lock records a detailed audit trail of all recent locking activity, so should you require to see which user unlocked a certain area this can easily be obtained from the lock.


Streamlined hassle free installation

Our specialty is a streamlined and hassle free approach to installation of the system. Wireless battery operated hardware further enhanced the installation process.


Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance and Reliable…

With an industry leading battery life of 250,000+ operations and manufactured to the highest standards in Germany, our smart master key system is highly reliable and relatively maintenance free.

Safe & Secure

Replace lost keys

Lost or stolen fobs can be easily removed preventing any threat to security and a replacement one issued. Fobs than cannot be copied or cloned.

Easy to use

Each user can be issued with a single fob that allows them access all areas relevant to them.

Easy to use

Manage access levels

Adjust access levels quickly and easily in the software to suit changing requirements.


Discrete & Visually Appealing Hardware

Sleek, streamlined and elegant, our system sets that standard for how an access control system should look. No unsightly magnets or cumbersome wall mounted readers, instead our premium Smart Handles offers a discrete, secure and aesthetically appealing solution with no wires or wall mounted readers.


Activity Log

A detailed event log of all recent locking activity is available to download from each lock.

Restricted entry


Time restricted access rights during permitted hours.

Access Management

Complete Control over all your stores or facilities

Control the system centrally from head office with the PC software that allows you to add new users, read audit trails and remove compromised users.


Cost Effective

When a mechanical master key becomes lost or compromised, there is no cheap or simple way of removing the threat to your security. They are also rigid and not capable of adapting to your changing requirements.

With a smart master key system, a new fob can simply be issued and the old one removed from operation. Smart master key systems can also be consistently updated and amended to any change in circumstances, access levels or locations.

Open your eyes to new possibilities with Integrated Security.

Access control systems that protect and secure your buildings, assets and people.

Why Choose a Smart Master Key System?