Controlling who has access and when for Community Facilities can be an on-going issue for Community Organisations. Our Smart Locking Access Control Platform takes the hassle out of this. Whether you are looking to control who can access your community hall, All Weather Facility or to simply keep control over what users can access certain areas at set times, our Smart Locking Solution can provide an incredible level of convenience and control for the facility management. 

Currently there is an opportunity to apply for Government Grant assistance for the upgrade of Community Facilities in both Rural and Urban areas. The €15 Million Community Investments Fund allows for Community Organisations to apply for Grant Funding to assist with upgrade works to their facilities. 

There are 3 categories for funding under this scheme, Category 1 is for a Grant of €25,000 this is the most straight forward to claim, Category 2 is €25,001 up to €100,000 and Category 3 is €100,001 to €300,000. Both Category 2 and 3 require a minimum contribution of 5% of the total project Costs. 

Full details on this fund can be found on

We are offering assistance with claiming this Grant to any organisation who would like to install our Smart Locking Solution on their Facility. Closing Date for Grant Applications is July 14th 2022.

To make an enquiry email us on or call 052 612 8090 

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