Imagine the convenience of having all your staff lockers operating from your access control credentials. Smart Locker AX seamlessly allows the users of your facility to gain access to their locker. The same access credential used to gain entry to your building can now be used to operate the staff lockers. 

Using Mifaire Technology, Bluetooth or Simons Voss Radio Frequency Transponder, having your staff lockers operate as part of your access control system has never been easier. 

Introducing Smart Locker AX from Simons Voss Technologies, the very latest product in their range is a new and revolutionary Smart Locker Lock that’s elegant in appearance and clever in design, allowing it to be retro fitted to the vast majority of lockers on the market. 

SmartLocker AX fits onto locker or cabinet doors without any drilling, whether it is used in hospitals, manufacturing environments in industry or simply on lockers in gyms, schools or swimming pools. SmartLocker AX means simple, intuitive installation, maintenance and access management with the latest future-proof technology, but also user-friendly opening and locking with different credentials such as a transponder, card or wristband.

With SmartLocker, SimonsVoss quality is clearly evident in its simple, high-quality, timeless design. A visual and an audible signal indicate when the lock is open or closed.SmartLocker AX provides you with state- of-the-art technology. Existing SimonsVoss locking systems can be easily extended with SmartLocker.

Easy to Manage

SmartLocker also allows those who maintain locks and handle access authorisations, transponders or smart cards to rely on simple, practical, cost-effective solutions. We use standard batteries that you can replace yourself. If the batteries have not been replaced despite the multi-stage battery warning system, SmartLocker AX can still be powered and opened via a USB port as a back-up power supply.

Managing access rights is quick and easy: offline with the programming device or with the optional wireless networking, conveniently implemented from a workstation. A pre-tensioned bolt spring can prevent the bolt from jamming if the locker is too full and objects are pressing against the door on the inside.

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