Residential Care Facilities

Discrete, elegant and reliable smart locking devices for nursing homes and retirement villages

discrete & Reliable

Smart Locking for Residential Care Facilities

We understand the importance of creating a friendly and open environment within the facility while at the same time achieving a high level of security for staff and residents. Our range of discrete, elegant and reliable smart locking devices are the ideal solution for this type of application.

We understand how every application is different and we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to security. That is why we pride ourselves on our unique approach to carefully assessing your exact requirements and tailoring a solution to them.

centralized management

Complete Control

Administer each user’s access levels quickly and easily in the main software.

Premium hardware

Single Fob Access

Each user can be issued with a single fob that allows them access all areas relevant to them.

Restricted Access

Time-based Access Rights

Control the hours which users can access all or certain areas.


Secure Areas

Control who has access to medical drug cabinets or areas storing sensitive personal information.

HIQA Compliant

Patient Privacy

Each patient can have their room door locked where no other residents can access their personal space whilst at the same time staff can access their room when required.

secure Storage

Keep Personal Belongings Safe

With our smart locker lock, each patient can securely lock their belongings into their locker. The resident can easily unlock the locker when they need to with their card, fob or wristband.

Smart floor plans

Live Building Status

Intuitive software can show you a live building floor plan indicating the exact status of each door and area. Notifications can be issued where there is a security threat or a door left unlocked.

change management

Add New Users

The system can be easily adapted and amended as your requirements change. Lost and mislaid fobs can easily be removed from operation.

Residential Care

Infection Control

Control the flow of people and the areas they can go within the facility to help reduce cross contamination and prevent the spread of viruses.