Access control and security systems are a critical part of a Credit Union’s infrastructure. Ensuring they are compliant with industry guidelines and choosing solutions from leading security technology manufacturers installed by trusted contractors safeguards staff, your members and the overall physical security of your facility.

Ireland has one of the most regulated private security industries in Europe. Its governing body, The Private Security Authority, requires each security contractor to carry the relevant PSA License to operate in the industry. Adherence to these regulations ensures that your security systems have been designed, installed and maintained to an acceptable standard.

Essential Documentation for Access Control Systems

Under PSA67:2021 Guidelines and industry best practices, Credit Unions should be provided with the following crucial documents by their security contractors:

Location Survey

Outlining current security infrastructure details, identifying vulnerabilities, and understanding the organisation’s layout, functionality, and requirements.

Security Risk Assessment

A comprehensive evaluation noting security vulnerabilities and considering various threats and attacks, addressing factors like building occupancy, location, cash storage, staff count, geographical location, armed Gardai response time, and economic factors.

Security Design Proposal

Providing an overview of the proposed security system, considering location survey and risk assessment details, ensuring the proposed solution mitigates security risks, complies with necessary certifications, and outlines all details about the proposed security system

As Fitted Document

Clearly outlining the installed solution on each door, including product model, certification, and relevant information, pictures of the installation are advantageous.

Testing and Commissioning Report

Confirming extensive testing and correct commissioning of each door and security device.

Maintenance Contract

A copy of the ongoing maintenance contract with detailed reports on all conducted maintenance activities.

Certificate of Conformance

Containing essential details such as security contractor’s name, PSA license number, client name, service provided, address, grade of system, maintenance details, and certificate issue and expiration date.

Declarations of Performance and Product Testing Certificates:

Copies of certificates confirming compliance with emergency escape regulations EN179, EN1125 or EN13637, fire test certificates, security test certificates, EU conformity certifications, and cyber security certificates for products used in the access control systems.

About Integrated Security

At Integrated Security we specialise in providing Smart Security Technology solutions to Credit Unions across Ireland helping them to become safer and more secure environments for both staff and members. If you have not received a copy of our Security Insights and Advice Manual tailored specifically to Credit Unions please email Killian on to have a copy sent to you.