ProSight 360 CCTV

Elevating Security. Simplifying Video Surveillance.

Simplified Video Surveillance

Cloud-Based CCTV Solution

In a rapidly evolving world, where security is paramount, our Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Solution emerges as a leader of innovation, delivering powerful video security without the complexity. Embracing cutting-edge technology, our solution replaces obsolete CCTV equipment with intelligent, secure, and easily managed systems that help you safeguard your people and property.

single platform

Enhanced Visibility

Effortlessly oversee cameras across multiple sites using our centralised Command platform. Group all camera feeds in one intuitive system, granting
secure access to your chosen team members, regardless of their location.


centraliSed access

Unlock a detailed view of activities and events across all your devices and sites. Customised alerts for offline cameras or unusual activities arrive almost instantly, enabling rapid response. Share live footage via SMS and email with unparalleled ease, keeping your team informed, connected, and empowered.

people analytics

face detection

Simplify investigations with intelligent people and face detection. Easily locate individuals by selecting a detected face or uploading an image. Filter by attributes like clothing colour, gender, and facial matches, with notifications delivered via SMS or email when a matching face is detected.

movement analytics

Foot fall & Occupancy trends

Find evidence quickly and easily by selecting regions of interest within the camera’s field of view. Instantly replay videos and observe detected person trajectories, toggling between individuals and their corresponding paths. Estimate foot traffic at crucial locations and optimise business operations accordingly. Monitor the flow of people across customisable digital lines on camera feeds, enabling data-driven decisions to enhance efficiency.

vehicle Recognition

License Plate capture

Accelerate vehicle investigations with quick search and filtering. Experience high-resolution snapshots of detected vehicles and generate multi-angle playback for efficient evidence gathering. Filter by attributes such as vehicle color and
body type to streamline investigations.

Real-time license plate monitoring streamlines vehicle investigations. In the Command platform you can view a log of all license plates that have entered your organisations areas. Capture plate characters at high speeds and across multiple lanes, receiving alerts when a specific plate is detected.

Full Functionality with Minimal Bandwidth

The Cameras used in our solution are designed to optimise bandwidth while providing comprehensive functionality. Footage is stored locally, with encrypted thumbnails sent to the cloud and streamed only when viewed. With bandwidth demands as low as 20-50 kbps, scale your surveillance network effortlessly to encompass thousands of cameras per location, without compromising performance.


Immerse yourself in time-lapses of activity within the frame. Monitor activity progress with threaded thumbnail playback, viewing 24 hours of footage in under 30 seconds.

Automatic Updates

Gone are the days of manual updates, where vulnerabilities could creep in through the cracks of outdated software. Cloud cameras erase this concern by executing updates in the background, guaranteeing that your CCTV System is always protected with the most recent security measures and encryption.

Live Links

Securely share access to camera footage and features with authorised users. Grant access to sites and camera feeds via links or SMS, controlling the duration of viewers’ access.

Thoughtfully Designed Hardware for Unmatched Performance

All devices are meticulously designed to prioritise security, from hardware to data storage systems.

Durable Design

Resilient build to withstand challenges.

Trusted Manufacturers

Collaborating with trusted

End-to-End Encryption

Safeguarding data with robust

Tamper Detection

Vigilant tamper detection mechanisms.

Firmware Signing

Rigorous firmware signing protocols.



Dome Series delivers enterprise security in a wide range of models for any indoor or outdoor environment. Dome cameras are unobtrusive, vandal-resistant, and simple to install. The new dome generation has up to twice as much onboard storage and a new dedicated computer vision chipset.

Designed for flexibility without compromising on image quality, the Mini Series delivers enterprise-grade security with powerful performance for advanced edge-based analytics.

Camera Type


Bullet Series is designed to withstand harsh conditions and its visible form factor helps deter potential threats. These cameras are available with either wide or telephoto lenses, providing both a wide field of view and the ability to zoom in on distant objects. The Bullet Series cameras deliver clear images and capture important details in both daylight and darkness. Supporting powerful AI analytics and features such as License Plate Recognition and Occupancy Trends.


Fisheye & Multi Sensor Series

The Fisheye Series features powerful onboard processing to deliver dynamic viewing experiences. Choose from a panoramic view of 180º, a four-way split or an immersive 360º view with digital pan-tilt-zoom. Rated for indoor and outdoor use
Ideal for expansive coverage and efficient installation, Verkada’s AI-enabled multisensor camera packs four independent camera systems into a single device. With no shared storage or processing dependencies, each sensor delivers powerful functionality without any compromise.


Pan Tilt Zoom

Experience precision in monitoring outdoor areas with this AI-enabled pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) camera, the CP52-E. This advanced camera gives operators exceptional control, enabling dynamic coverage of vast spaces. Vandal Resistance with IK10 rating and IP66 Weather protection rating.


Effortless Intercom Calling, Enhanced Security

Enhance security and answer calls from anywhere with sharp intercom video and clear audio, four smart receiver methods, and intuitive management and security tools in the Command Platform.

Our Cloud-Based CCTV Solution is more than a surveillance system, it’s a revolution.

Seamlessly uniting innovation, security, and simplicity, Our Solution empowers you to take control of your surroundings with confidence. Experience the future of surveillance today.

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