IVY Virtual Assistant

Manage routine customer service requests using seamless AI voice assistance

AI Voice Assistance
Intelligent Voice Assistance

AI-Powered Software

Ivy uses cutting edge software to provide AI-powered voice assistance to help organisations manage routine calls, freeing up staff to focus other customer service operations

AI Voice Assistance
Customer Focused

Manage Routine Queries

Ivy removes the burden of handling routine customer requests from staff often inundated with daily queries like directions requests or ticket machine locations, allowing them to focus instead on higher-value tasks such as urgent emergencies and specialised scenarios that demand more attention.

AI Voice Assistance

Answers without waiting times

The power of Ivy lies in its availability and responsiveness. Unlike traditional assistance systems, Ivy is always ready to lend a helping voice,
providing precise answers without long waiting times. End-users are greeted with a seamless and efficient experience, leaving them impressed and satisfied with the service they receive.


Tailored REsponses

Beyond the capabilities of typical chatbots, Ivy’s Conversational AI technology boasts natural language understanding, enabling it to interpret and respond to open-ended questions. This means Ivy can engage in meaningful conversations, truly understanding the user’s needs and delivering tailored responses.

The benefits don’t end there. Ivy’s intelligence possesses the remarkable ability to detect empty calls. Through data analysis, Ivy offers recommendations to optimise efficiency, ensuring every interaction is meaningful and valuable.

The true strength of Ivy lies in its continuous learning capabilities. As its “artificial intelligence” is consistently trained, Ivy’s speed and accuracy improves exponentially.

The future of virtual assistance has arrived, and its name is Ivy – the trailblazing conversational AI-based intercom voice assistant

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