Our Smart Locking Systems integrate the many features and benefits that Smart Locking Technology has to offer with the strength, security and reliability that comes with high security mechanical auto locking locks.

Security Combined with Convenience

Enjoy the benefits of having Keyless Access to your home with the peace of mind in knowing that your home is protected by high security locks. Our Solutions allow you to enjoy the convenience of keyless access to your home whilst also enhancing the physical security of your home. 

There are many different options and configurations available within our system and we are sure to have a solution to meet your exact requirements. From Pincode keypad to Smart Phone app solutions the options are endless. 

Smart Handle and Keypad Solution

Simple to use, highly secure and completely keyless. Our Smart Handle Solution discretely yet securely locks the door each time it closes. From the outside the user simply enters their code and the handle activates to allow entry. The handle is always free to exit from the inside meaning that you can freely leave the building in the instance of a fire or an emergency. 

The Smart Handles are discrete, elegant and wireless so not only is the solution convenient to use but it also looks well. The Smart Handles are wireless and battery operated with a life expectancy of 150,000 activations on a single set of batteries. 

Smart App Locking System

Powered by the Cloud. Our Smart App based solution allows you to control who has access to your home at any time from anywhere. The easy to use Smartphone and Web App makes controlling access to your home simple and easy. 

You can unlock your door from the Smartphone app and you can also quickly and easily send a Key 4 Friends to a friend or family member to allow them access to your home or Holiday home. Key 4 Friends are easy to create and you can control which doors the user can unlock and during a specific time frame. At any stage you can revoke the Key 4 Friends. 

Enjoy all of the benefits that Smart Locking Technology has to offer whilst also achieving a high level of physical security. This solution comprises of a High Security motorized multi point lock which securely locks the door each time it closes. From the outside the user can unlock the door from the app, by pressing a fob or by entering their pincode into the keypad. The door will unlock and allow the user to enter, once the door closes again it securely locks. From the inside the solution is always free to exit by pushing down the handle. 

This solution is also suitable for wheelchair users as its convenient to use and once the user unlocks the door in the app they can simply push it in. 

If your desired functionality is not shown in the above solutions, please feel free to contact us to discuss your exact requirements and we can assist you with a solution that meets your exact requirements.

About us…

M.D. Lock & key are a family run business that specialises in providing the very best of electronic and mechanical locking systems along with other locksmith activities in a thoroughly professional manner.

Our unique approach in working closely with our client to develop and install a solution that meets their every requirement and is installed to the highest standards combined with our policy to deliver a quality of service that exceeds the needs of our clients.

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