High Security Access Control Solution

Performance, security and control all in one central platform

Central Platform

Ultimate in performance, security, control and functionality

Our High Security Access Control Solution delivers the ultimate level of performance, security, control and functionality all in one central platform which is easy to login and intuitive to navigate.

Client Focused

Developed with the requirements of our clients as the main focus, our aim is to deliver a secure, robust and cost effective smart access control solution offering a range of integration capabilities with building management systems such as CCTV, visitor management, time and attendance, and much more.

The Software

Browser-based application

Accessible through a standard internet browser, the TDSi Gardis Pro software application is simple and straightforward to navigate and administer, delivering the most cutting edge solution on the market.

Feature and Functions

high security locks

Our Solution integrates the many features and benefits that Smart Access Control Systems have to offer with the strength, security and reliability that comes with high security mechanical locking systems.

Each time the door closes, the lock securely locks the door, from the inside the door is always free to escape and is fully compliant with the emergency escape regulations. Because our solutions are always free to escape from the inside, means that our doors do not auto unlock when the fire alarm is activated providing you with a higher level of security than magnetic locks.

Add increased levels of security to certain areas by choosing our High Security Resistance Grade 7 Multi Point locking option which has a 1000kg impact rating.

Within our solution different levels of security can be added to various doors so whilst ensuring critical doors have a high level of security other areas can be secured with lower cost solutions that still provide a higher level of security than magnetic locks still within a reasonable cost.

complete control

Manage Facility Access

Users can be issued with a single access credential allowing them access all areas relevant to them.

Users can be issued with time restricted access rights which only permit them to access certain areas between certain hours.

Detailed and real time event log of all recent user activity.

Lost or stolen access credentials can be instantly removed from operation and replacement ones issued, removing any threat to your security.

Detailed Reporting

Keep tabs on all aspects of your security

  • Person Location Report – A report detailing the location of a person within the building or facility based on their last interactions using their access credentials.
  • Door Usage Report – A detailed report of the usage of specific doors in the facility between certain dates and times.
  • Access Rights Where Report – This is a detailed report containing all of the doors and areas that a specific user can access.
  • Access Rights Who Report – This is a detailed report containing all of the users who can access a door or areas within the facility.
  • Access Not Permitted Report – A detailed report on where a user or users made an attempt to access an area that they are not permitted to access.
Integrated Security - Smart Locking you can Trust.
Access credentials

Our High Security Access Control Solution can accept a number of different methods of gaining access. We can also offer Two Factor Authentication in order for a user to gain access to an area. For instance a user may have to present their access card and also use the facial recognition reader in order to gain access.

Cards and Fobs – Mifaire Desfire EV2 cards and fobs can be coded into the system. These cards and fobs are highly encrypted and cannot be copied or cloned.

Pincodes – Our readers can come equipped with Pincode keypads, Pincodes are generally only used as part of two factor authentication. ie a user must present their card and then insert their code to gain access.

Mobile Credentials – This is where your access credential is located on your smart phone device or apple watch. Using highly encrypted BLE communication to the reader, your smartphone can now become your access key.

Integrated Security - Smart Access Control
Live Map

Digital Building Overview

Monitor and control your facility with a live building overview. This function allows the administrator to view the building on a live map where the status of each door and area is visually indicated. If you wish to view a particular area you can login and view each area.

Time and Attendance

Our High Security Access Control Solution integrates with one of the world’s most powerful time and attendance systems, RotaOne.

Whether you are a small/ medium size company or a large multi national manufacturing company, RotaOne helps you manage shifts, staff rotas, record employees time and attendance, employees holidays, absences and much more.

High Security Access Control Solution
High Security Access Control Solution
Visitor Management

Powered by an integration with a cloud based visitor management platform, you can manage their access permissions for increased security in a hassle free manner. Create branded visitor invites, request pre-visit information and receive instant visitor arrival notifications. Enhance your visitors experience by connecting people and buildings to provide an unrivaled experience for your visitors.

High Security Access Control Solution

Vehicle Management Solution

Take complete control over who has access to your secured car parks or compounds. Within our vehicle management solution there are a number of ways this can be achieved depending on the level of security required

ANPR – Automated Number Plate Recognition technology can be used to admit access to pre-authorised reg numbers. When a user is saved in the access control system their reg number can be added allowing them access to the car park. ANPR should only be used on lower security applications

Passive Vehicle Tags – Using UHF technology, the vehicle tags can be read from up to 6 metres away. Each approved vehicle can be equipped with a destructable windscreen tag which will allow them access to the particular car park or security compound. The destructable windscreen tag cannot be removed from the windscreen without being destroyed meaning the access credential cannot be shared to other vehicles.

Gunshot Detection & Dynamic Lockdown

Our Gunshot Detection Solution uses the latest technology to accurately identify instances of active shooter terror threats in the building and will instantly initiate a full dynamic lockdown preventing the threat from advancing into other areas of the building and to safely evacuate the occupants of the building away from the threat.

Demonstration of gunshot detection and lockdown solution

Custom Requirements

We specialize in designing and developing a smart access control solution that will meet with your every need. If you have any specific requirements please ensure to discuss these with our technical sales team and we will build a solution to meet all your needs.

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