Recent figures from the Irish Hearth Foundation have highlighted the fact that the usage of vapes and e-cigarettes amongst teenagers and young people in has significantly increased in recent years resulting is less healthy school environments.

Why is Vaping so appealing to younger people?

Whilst vape manufacturers deny they are marketing vapes towards younger people, there are a number of key features in their advertising and presentation that make them more appealing. When creating this solution, I purchased a disposable Vape in a local store, the vape came in a bright coloured box, when I took the vape out of the box, it even smelt fruity without using it and the Vape Pen itself was bright and fresh looking. Vape manufacturers present the vapes in bright appealing packaging making them appear to be the cool item to have.

Vapes are also available in a wide range of different flavours from Bubblegum to Tuity Fruity making them a more desirable option. Research from the Truth Initiative found that the 3 main reasons why younger people are using Vapes are :

  • A friend or family member uses them
  • Attraction to flavoured options such as mint, candy, fruit or chocolate
  • Belief that vapes are much less harmful than other forms of tobacco such as cigarettes

What health effects can Vaping Have?

A recent article published by the Irish Health Service Executive states that approximately 1 in 5 young people admit to vaping. The HSE has warned that children and younger people are most at risk of developing an addiction to nicotine and the negative effects that nicotine can have on brain development for example problems with attention, learning, mood and impulse control. The main risks and negative health effects linked with vaping according to the HSE include:

  • Nicotine dependence and addiction
  • Poisoning and exposure to harmful toxins
  • Changes to how heart, lungs and other organs work

While e-cigarettes do not have as many chemicals as traditional tobacco products, this does not mean they are safe as they still contain ultra-fine particles, which cause lung disease, and cancer-causing chemicals and metals like formaldehyde and lead.

How Can Schools discourage students from Vaping?

The two most effective means that schools have to inform students about the health effects of using vapes and to discourage students from using Vapes are:

Informing students on the negative effects of using vapes. Most students believe that using vapes are harmless and because Vapes are seen as a healthier option than smoking cigarettes, there is a common perception that vapes are harmless but they are most certainly not harm free. Signage around schools highlighting the school campus is vape free and that highlight that there are significant health effects associated with vaping.

Detection of incidents of vaping and enforcement school policies in relation to vaping and the use of e-cigarettes. Our discrete Vape Detection solution can be located in areas such as toilets where vaping incidents are most likely to occur. Once the sensor detects an incident of vaping an alert is sent to the respective people to react to the incident.

How do Vape Detection Solutions work?

By locating one of our Air Quality Vape Detection Sensors in each area, typically a bathroom, the sensors continuously monitor the air quality and create an alert within the platform when vaping is detected. Alerts are sent as push notifications to smart phones, SMS messages or via email. Multiple users can be logged into the platform via a browser login or an android and iOS app. This allows real time monitoring of all bathrooms or monitored areas from a single app.

Optional Added Detection

A compact dome camera can also be located outside of the bathroom looking down at the door of who is entering and leaving the bathroom. Each time an incident of vaping is detected, a recording of the time around the vaping instance will be available on the platform.

Browser-based Application

The solution is fully cloud-based with no requirement for local software. If installing multiple solutions, all devices are managed in the same platform.

Power Source

Only a Power over Ethernet (PoE) data cable is required to connect each area where a vape sensor is located. Our engineers can install these cables or you can use your own electrical contractor. Full details of this solution are available on our product page.

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