Healthcare Facilities

Increased safety and security for patients, doctors and administrative staff

Safe & Secure

Smart Locking for Healthcare Facilities

The safety and security of patients and staff is a top priority in healthcare facilities. Keeping control of large volumes of people on a daily basis can be a difficult task. An intelligent locking system not only increases the safety and security of the building but also increases the efficiency and streamlines the operation of the facility.

Easy to use

Each user can be issued with a single fob that allows them access all areas relevant to them.

Easy to use

Single Fob Access

Each user can be issued with a single fob that allows them access all areas relevant to them.

centralized management

Complete Control

Building management has complete control over their facility, from controlling users’ access levels and times to alerts for doors which have not been locked.

Restricted entry

Time-based Access Rights

Issue users with a fob that only works within permitted hours and certain areas.


Real-time Activity Log

Each lock records a detailed audit trail of all recent locking activity including the dates and times each user accessed the area.

Data Protection

GDPR Compliance

In accordance with Data Protection regulation, areas storing sensitive personal information can be kept securely locked preventing any unauthorized access.

add new users

Adapt to change

Lost stolen or mislaid fobs can quickly and easily be removed from operation and replacement ones issued.

Status overview

Live Building Status

Intuitive software can show you a live building floor plan indicating the exact status of each door and area. Notifications can be issued where there is a security threat or a door left unlocked.


Time & Attendance

Monitor each users attendance and the keep an eye on the amount of time each user spends in the facility on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Secure Storage

Smart Access

Storage and administration of controlled drugs can often pose a problem in healthcare settings. Our smart locking devices can be incorporated to work on medical drug safes and cabinets providing complete control over which users can access the drugs whilst keeping a detailed audit trail of all recent locking events.


Dynamic Lockdown

In the event of a hostile threat within your facility, dynamic lockdown allows you to quickly restrict the access through a facility to keep patients, doctors and staff safe and well out of the way of the threat