When Technology combines with functionality, truly remarkable things can happen. Our Gunshot Detection Solution uses the latest technology to accurately identify instances of active shooter terror threats in the building and will instantly initiate a full dynamic lockdown preventing the threat from advancing into other areas of the building and to safely evacuate the occupants of the building away from the threat.

How does Gunshot Detection work?

At the core of the solution is a small sensor located on the ceiling of each area, this sensor is monitoring for both the audible sound of the gunshot and the muzzle flash. Because our solution uses both the muzzle flash and audible sound we can achieve a far greater level of accuracy on detecting gunshots than relying on the audible sound alone. 

Once gunshots are detected, our Access Control System will immediately establish a dynamic lockdown in the building, this is designed to contain the threat to a certain area and to safely evacuate the other occupants of the building away from the threat. 

A dynamic lockdown is a carefully designed and calculated solution that is customised to the exact layout of the building. Dynamic lockdowns can significantly reduce the casualties of terror threats such as active shooter instances. Even when a dynamic lockdown is initiated, they are designed to always allow occupants to escape from the facility and should never leave a person trapped in the vicinity of a threat. 

In our smart platform, the exact location of the detected threat will show up on an interactive floor plan and a live stream of the CCTV will be shown in the area. A live controller can adjust the lockdown to unlock areas for safe evacuation and to further restrict access to other areas. 

About us…

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