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Secure and elegant smart locking system for modern office buildings

Secure & Elegant

Smart Locking for Offices

Effective Security, Simple Operation and Elegant in appearance are just some of the reasons our smart locking system is the ideal solution for modern office buildings.

During the day to day operations of modern office buildings, there are many different staff, visitors and contractors moving through the building and never has it been more important to keep tight control over each user’s access levels within the building. Our smart locking system is designed to blend into the modern office buildings so as not to create a prison feel whilst still achieving a high level of security.

Our Smart Locking system has a smart locking device to cover every type of locking requirement, all incorporated into a single system. From our range of Smart Handles to Smart Euro Cylinders and padlocks and now also the new Smart Locker AX, you can achieve a truly keyless world.

In the Modern Corporate world, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances is key to success. Due to the modular design of our system, adding more locking devices and changing functionality is straightforward and hassle free.

Easy to use

Each user can be issued with a single fob that allows them access all areas relevant to them.

Easy to use

Single Fob Access

Each user can be issued with a single fob that allows them access all areas relevant to them.

centralized management

Complete Control

Building management has complete control over their facility, from controlling users’ access levels and times to alerts for doors which have not been locked.

Restricted entry

Time-based Access Rights

Issue users with a fob that only works within permitted hours and certain areas.


Real-time Activity Log

Each lock records a detailed audit trail of all recent locking activity including the dates and times each user accessed the area.


Secure Areas

Control who has access to medical drug cabinets or areas storing sensitive personal information.

Status overview

Live Building Status

Intuitive software can show you a live building floor plan indicating the exact status of each door and area. Notifications can be issued where there is a security threat or a door left unlocked.


Time & Attendance

Monitor each users attendance and the keep an eye on the amount of time each user spends in the facility on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Sample Project

Hamilton House

Hamilton House is a 5-star Serviced Office building with a large volume of users who access the building on a daily basis. Originally fitted with Simons Voss Smart Cylinders almost 15 years previously, the objective of the project was to upgrade the existing system so that all locks can be managed from a central PC over a wireless network, to bring the doors inline with the Emergency Escape regulations and to upgrade the physical security of each office door. Read more.