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Smart Locking Access control systems that protect and secure your buildings, assets and people

Access Control Systems
Strength & Security

High Security Mechanical Locking Devices

Our system combines the physical strength and security of mechanical locks with smart locking access control technology.

Its modular design provides multi-point locking options for doors that require higher levels of security than more streamlined options for other areas within a facility.

Real-time Activity Log

Record and monitor the status and user activity within your facility and receive SMS, email and push notifications of open doors or other security breaches.

Smart Access Management

Complete Control over your facility

Control the system centrally using the PC or cloud-based software which allows you to add or remove user access rights, check event logs and audit building occupancy.


Time & Attendance

Seamless integration with time and attendance software to audit the dates, times and working hours of various users and visitors within your facility.

Staff Accounting

Occupancy Counting

Keep a close eye on the amount of users within your facility and in the event of an emergency the system can provide you with an exact detail of the amount of occupants to be accounted for.


Building, Fire & Emergency Escape Regulations

The safety and security of your people, facility and assets is our top priority. All of our systems conform to all building regulations from Emergency Escape to Fire containment our solutions are fully compliant with all Building regulations and industry best practices.


Discrete & Visually Appealing Hardware

Sleek, streamlined and elegant, our system sets that standard for how an access control system should look. No unsightly magnets or cumbersome wall mounted readers, instead our premium Smart Handles offers a discrete, secure and aesthetically appealing solution with no wires or wall mounted readers.


Cost Effective

With the completely customisable nature of our system we can tailor a solution to deliver the exact level of security on each area. Doors that require increased security can be fitted with higher security locks and other areas where a lower level of security is required can be fitted with more streamlined locks that all still operate as one solution. This combined with our range of wireless smart locking products makes our system a more cost effective solution over traditional wired access control systems.

Digital Building Overview

Monitor and control your facility with a live building overview. This function allows the administrator to view the building on a live map where the status of each door and area is visually indicated. If you wish to view a particular area you can login and view each area.

What is it?

Access Control

The purpose of Access Control is to ensure only those who are authorized to gain access to specific areas can do so. Its core function is to protect the security and safety of your business’s people, facilities and critical assets from outside interference, theft or damage.

Access Control not only protects your people and assets but also allows you to control and monitor each user and their activities within your facility centrally from a PC or Cloud based software.


What we do differently?

Our unique approach is to analyse each application in detail, assess the security and functionality requirements for each door in each area and from there, we compile an overall security access control system that is tailored to the exact requirements of each client. We attached great importance to scalable solutions, effective security, reliable components, high performance software and simple operation.

Optimized for you

Effective Security is Built In Layers

There is no one solution that is suitable for every application and to achieve a truly effective security system there are many different elements to be considered.

A truly effective security system comprises of a number of strategic security devices all working together to provide an overall High Security System.

Open your eyes to new possibilities with Integrated Security.

Access control systems that protect and secure your buildings, assets and people.

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Integrated Security

Sector Solutions

Our system can be adapted and customised to work on many different type of applications. The below Sector Specific solutions will direct you to a detailed overview of how the system can operate for each different application.

Vape Detection for Schools

Our vape detection solution greatly enhances the detection of vaping instances within school facilities such as bathrooms and helps reduce their usage.



Smart locks are more secure, easier to use and give you more control

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We Integrate the best brands and security products in our industry together into the one system with the overall ambition to create a unique, bespoke and truly secure solution for your facility.